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An introduction to Vincere Hospitality

Welcome to our blog! New website, new blog, so a bit of background on the history of how we came to be the outside catering company Vincere Hospitality is probably in order.

Although Vincere Hospitality is a new company technically, it is intrinsically linked with Ashley Lidgard, and his company, the Oak Ridge Group – of which we’ve now become an independent part.

The Oak Ridge Group owns hotels in Lincolnshire. In 2015 it celebrated 15 years of trading at The Ashbourne Hotel, and an impressive 25 years at The Brackenborough Hotel. The hotels have always been happy to offer outside catering to businesses in the area, and this has grown slowly, into outside location weddings, parties, large corporate events, and anything else our lovely customers throw at us! Visit the group’s website here.

It made sense then, to separate the outside catering and events into its own business with its own identity. Ashley then brought in a member of staff previously trained up in the industry by Ashley himself, to head up the operation.

Richard Matthews, Vincere Hospitality’s General Manager is certainly no stranger to events – or hard work. Having handled weddings for many years at different hotels, and most recently working for one of the largest outside events companies in the UK, he certainly knows his stuff.

The other big advantage of the hotels initially handling the outside catering work, is that the staff within the Oak Ridge Group now have an excellent understanding in how the events run. So as well as our own core of Vincere Hospitality staff, we can also draft in team members from the hotels, who understand the importance of the “Oak Ridge way”. Which is good, as we have lots of exciting events and projects on the go this year!

So that’s us; we’re up and running, but now under our own branding. If you ever need anything providing for an event, do give us a call on 01507 605763. We’re very friendly, and love talking shop. We’ll also come to you to discuss things if preferred – on the promise of a hot cuppa of course!

Vincere, Hospitality, outside, catering, lincolnshire, yorkshire, humber bank, nottinghamshire