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Anyone for Cocktails and Canapés?

As well as providing catering services to corporate companies all year round, and having firmly placed our ‘wedding caterers’ hat back on for the summer season, another of our favourite type of events to organise are our ever-popular private cocktail nights.

These fun events have been keeping us quite busy over the past few months, and they are great for helping us keep on top of the game, as we’re always striving to find the next ‘hot’ cocktail to offer.  It’s a tough job, but all of those new spirits, cocktails and mixers won’t taste themselves!  And to be fair, if there is a product we don’t absolutely love (which is rare), we will always find a way to improve it; the perfect mixer, or garnish – there’s always something to enhance and marry perfectly with any ingredient.

IMG_6522 spirits and home made syrups

The premise of our Cocktails & Canapés nights is relatively simple; we turn up at the client’s house (normally our service is a way of kick-starting a party, or providing entertainment pre-going out for hen nights, for example) with our selection of spirits, mixers, homemade syrups and canapés.  These will all have been decided on in consultation with the client, after getting a feel for the type of event they want to achieve.  After taking into consideration any theme they may have, the occasion, and time of year,  we will put together a list of 3 recommended cocktails for them, and allow them to select their canapés from an extensive list – covering both sweet and savoury options.

The guests then have the chance to learn how to make 3 classic cocktails each, which then become theirs to drink – all whilst being served  their selected canapés.

edible spoon canapes private cocktail partyThis all makes for a really fun and relatively informative night.  Our staff are very knowledgeable on their products, and equally enjoy providing a bit of entertaining banter for the group, meaning we have made many new friends as a result!  What better way to kickstart a party night than have someone providing cocktail demonstrations, as well as circulating with party food? All in the comfort of your own home….






Here is our twist on a famous recipe, put together for a Lincolnshire client at a recent gin themed-party.

Gin Swizzle

50ml of gin (whatever your preferred brand – we used Martin Millers)

25ml fresh lime juice

20ml homemade cinnamon syrup (see below for recipe)


Fill a nice, large goblet style glass half full of ice

Add gin, lime and cinnamon syrup,  stir well

Top up with more ice, and add lemonade, tonic or soda, depending on preference

(We like Fever Tree Mediterranean for those who like a bit of added sweetness, or Fever Tree “yellow” tonic for a dryer finish)

Garnish with a fresh strawberry and a sprig of mint

Cinnamon Syrup

Equal parts water & caster sugar – boil until dissolved, remove from heat, chill.

Break up 1 cinnamon stick – marinate in the syrup


And when our work is done, we pack up our serving platters, and equipment, clean up after ourselves and leave you to enjoy the rest of your night.  Just remember to drink responsibly!

For more information on our Cocktail & Canapés evenings, please contact the Vincere Hospitality team on 01507 605763, or visit