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Hooray – It’s Gin Friday – Week 4!

As an outside catering and events company, we have a keen interest in current trends, and we’re not adverse to a tipple or two.  We are always on the look out for new products and ingredients to create that perfect wedding welcome cocktail, or party starter.  To that end, we thought we’d combine our love of all things alcoholic with a bit of background on one of our favourite drinks du jour: gin.  Every Friday we will pick one of our personal picks from our range, and tell the world about it.

As it’s coming into summer season (ok, spring!) we’re starting to try out new, seasonally inspired cocktails.  And the warmer months always bring us back to this particular product.

So, this week’s Gin of The Week is…

This week is all about Pinkster Gin. Hailing from Cambridge it’s a great hit with our regular guests, and a stunning G&T that always makes for the perfect first drink of the evening.

Its subtle pink colour shows more of a twist of raspberries rather than being classed as a raspberry gin. The fresh raspberries are steeped in the triple distilled spirit giving the gin a dry yet smooth flavour whilst the hint of berries is quite subtle on the nose.

Pinkster is a great gin to try if you like your more traditional gins, and it’s also a great stepping stone to the more sweet ‘in your face’ infusions such as Brockmans.

We like to serve our Pinkster in a well-chilled glass with sprigs of fresh mint and freeze dried raspberries. And as Pinkster always say – make sure you “spank the mint” (it releases the flavour!)