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Hooray – It’s Gin Friday – Week 3!

As an outside catering and events company, we have a keen interest in current trends, and we’re not adverse to a tipple or two.  We are always on the look out for new products and ingredients to create that perfect wedding welcome cocktail, or party starter.  To that end, we thought we’d combine our love of all things alcoholic with a bit of background on one of our favourite drinks du jour: gin.  Every Friday we will pick one of our personal picks from our range, and tell the world about it.

This week, at Vincere Hospitality HQ, we’ve been tasked by a wedding client to come up with a gin-based cocktail for their upcoming wedding, and we thought that Brockmans Gin with it’s delicious fruitiness would be the perfect base for the unique cocktail to toast their summer marriage in rural Lincolnshire!

So, this week’s Gin of The Week is…

…a unanimous favourite here at Vincere HQ: Brockmans Gin. Brockmans is a beautifully made, immensely smooth gin, great to tempt non-gin drinkers with, due to its unique flavour.

What makes this gin so special is the aroma of stunning ripe blueberries, blackberries, citrus and ginger, giving it a very different aroma to the more traditional gins. A unique combination of flavours that include Bulgarian coriander marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of the berries.

This stunning combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of orange gives Brockmans its beautiful taste, and you will soon find yourself buying your second bottle (if you’re like us, anyway!)

Serve well chilled and over ice, and add 4-5 blueberries. You could always try popping the blueberries before pouring over the gin. Adding the tonic then injects a slight tint of colour and even more sweetness. Our favourite accompanying tonics are Fever Tree premium, or to enhance the fruitiness of the Brockmans even more, try it with the Fever Tree Mediterranean version.