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Hooray – It’s Gin Friday – Week 6!

As an outside catering and events company, we have a keen interest in current trends, and we’re not adverse to a tipple or two.  We are always on the look out for new products and ingredients to create that perfect wedding welcome cocktail, or party starter.  To that end, we thought we’d combine our love of all things alcoholic with a bit of background on one of our favourite drinks du jour: gin.  Every Friday we will pick one of our personal picks from our own range, and tell the world about it.

So, this week’s Gin of The Week (#gotw) is Williams Chase.

This premium gin hails from the Chase Distillery in Herefordshire – normally known for their superb English Vodka.   Because gin generally starts its life as a vodka, this product is truly a “single estate” gin, with all stages of the process from field to bottle taking place on site.

Their own pressed apples are then turned into cider, which in turn is then distilled into their “Naked Chase” vodka.  This product is then re-distilled with eleven carefully selected botanicals, and water from an aquifer running underneath the Chase orchards.

On the nose you’ll get elderflower and a crisp sweetness.  Tasting this gin you get elegant green apples with a kick of orange peel as it finishes.  At 48% it’s a little stronger than some other premium gins, but this adds to the pleasing dry finish.  Great served with a wedge of apple and a twist of orange peel, you cannot deny the quality of Williams Chase Gin; the union jack bow tie proudly adorning the neck reminds us that this is yet another British-made success story.

Cheers! #gotw