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Hooray – It’s Gin Friday!

As an outside catering and events company, we have a keen interest in current trends, and we’re not adverse to a tipple or two.  We are always on the look out for new products and ingredients to create that perfect wedding welcome cocktail, or party starter.  To that end, we thought we’d combine our love of all things alcoholic with a bit of background on one of our favourite drinks du jour: gin.  Every Friday we will pick one of our personal picks from our range, and tell the world about it – here is number one.


Our first “Gin Friday” recommendation is Gold 999.9

It was made as a homage to gin created in the early 20th century which was said to have been made in a pot made of gold. This gin has an amazing bouquet that really temps you into wanting to try it; the stunning amber colour also adds to that temptation. Gold 999.9 is best served with a slice of green apple – not lime or lemon – as the green citric fruit helps balance the gin and increase its floral notes. The selection of botanicals include juniper, almond, vanilla, gentian violet, poppy, tangerine and coriander.  First impression after trying this gin is of quality alcohol followed by tangerine and citric fruits that then lead to an almond end with subtle vanilla. And as the icing on the cake, it also comes in a stunning bottle that would take pride of place on any shelf!